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India-Guatemala relations have been strengthened significantly in recent years with the establishment of Indian Embassy in Guatemala City in 2009. Since then, this Embassy has been making endeavours to keep in close touch with the Indians living in Guatemala as well as with Guatemalan friends with interest in India. As a part of these efforts and also in pursuance of India’s E-Governance policy, this website was created to act as a platform for reaching out to the Indians and Guatemalan friends.

This website provides many basic information on Visa and Passport formalities as well as detailed information on India and particularly on India-Guatemala relations. It is my pleasure to welcome all the visitors to this website and assure that in our effort to maintain close contact with them we are receptive to their views and suggestions for further improvement of the website and functioning of the Mission. Any suggestions with specific ideas are always welcome in this respect. I am sure such ideas will contribute to strengthening India-Guatemala relations further.

With warm greetings,

Sajeev Babu Kurup