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Passport Services

General Information

Indian Passports are ordinarily issued with validity for 10 years. For children up to the age of 18 years, passports are issued for a period of 5 years or until they attain the age of 18 years, whichever is earlier. Short-validity passports (for a period of 1 year or less), are issued in the case of legitimate urgency. Changes in passport particulars as allowed the rules, may be applied for as per the prescribed procedures along with supporting documents required.

All passport applications are processed on a most expeditious basis, but it may in certain cases take up to 3 or 4 weeks (Like where the Passport presented for renewal/reissue/ other service has been issued at a place other than Guatemala and where it has not been found possible to carry out necessary verification online).


a) Application duly completed, handwritten or typed, and duly signed.
b) Four latest passport size photographs (3.5cm X 3.5cm, 80% covered by face with white background ) in colour.
c) Current passport in case of renewal or reissue on expiry or any other service like change of personal particulars, issue PCC etc.

In case of duplicate passport in lieu of lost/stolen passport, police report and prescribed affidavit.

Passport Service:

Service Charge: Q. 20.00 (+ Type of Passport Service)

Types of Service Fees (Q.)
New/ Replacement of Passport containing 36 pages with validity up to 10 years (also applicable to minors in the age group of 15-18 years) 600
New/ Replacement of  Passport containing 60 pages with validity up to 10 years (also applicable to minors in the age group of 15-18 years) 800
New/ Replacement of Passport for children below 18 years with validity of 5 years 400
Duplicate passport of 36 pages in lieu of a lost or damaged one 1200
Duplicate passport of 60 pages in lieu of a lost or damaged one 1400
New / Reissue of India-Bangladesh Passport with 10 years validity 400
Additional ordinary passport of 36 pages for any country with initial validity of 1 year 600

Cancellation of Indian Passports /obtaining Surrender Certificates

a) All naturalized Guatemalan citizen’s of Indian descent, who have already acquired foreign citizenship voluntarily in the past shall cease to be Indian citizens upon their acquiring foreign citizenship. However, such persons are required to renounce their Indian citizenship and to obtain surrender certificate for their Indian passports, whether valid or expired, so that the passport is not misused. If you have a ‘passport cancelled on acquisition of foreign nationality’ stamp on your passport, there is no requirement of acquiring “surrender certificate”.

b) For those persons of Indian origin who have already acquired foreign citizenship till 31 May 2010, the fee is Q. 160. For those, who acquire foreign citizenship on or after 1 June 2010, the fee is Q. 1400.